Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nightwish Unveils New Album and More

One of my favorite Finnish / Swedish bands (yes, I guess I have a thing for Scandinavian music), Nightwish, has announced their long anticipated followup album to their chart crushing album "Dark Passion Play." The title of their next production: Imaginarium. At the same time, the power metal group plans of producing a film bearing the same title as the album that features all of the songs contained therein. The film promises to be more of a fantasy based dreamworld type movie about a songwriter. I would expect nothing less from Nightwish. That being said, just because their musical talent surpasses most bands in their genre does not mean they will be spectacular movie writers.

My thoughts:
Cannot wait for the next album.
Will see movie but not expect it to be that good.

Nightwish is good if you like epic-style power metal (or at least their older stuff is). Their new singer Anette Olzon brings the music a more powerful pop-rock feel, while their older albums (anything before Dark Passion Play) have a more epic, fantastic feel with the classically trained Tarja Turunen. Don't get me wrong, Anette does not sound like a wannabe Kelly Clarkson, and Tarja does not sound like some 300 lb hag who sings in Carmina Burnana. Both singers have their strengths and their weaknesses, and I cannot wait to see what direction Nightwish takes their next album.

Take a listen for yourself:

Amaranth is their biggest hit by far and really does good to showcase their new singer's powerful voice as well as erase any doubts as to her being chosen to replace the band's old singer.
Yeah, 44 Million hits.


  1. I wonder of Dr. Parnassus will be making a guest appearance on the album. :P

  2. I'm excited now. Can't wait for this album.

  3. OMG did not know that Nightwish had a new album out soon...can't wait for this one.

  4. I like them, but I think nightwish tries to hard.