Friday, February 25, 2011

Sexyphone... Runaway - Moldovan Entry to Eurovsion Song Contest 2010

I've never heard Moldovan music before this. My first impression was, wow this is absolutely rediculous."

I hold firm to that decision.

That being said, this entry in the Eurovision Song Contest from Moldova was incredibly musically impressive and catchy as well.

Yes, epic sax guy. That lick is just too good. Ahh!

The Eurovision Song Contest is a European version of something like American idol for those of you who watch that show. The difference is that within each country, different bands and songwriters compete for a spot in the European contest. What you get is the best songwriters from each country pitting their works against eachother until one country is left standing. The rules: you can vote as many times as you want - just not for your own country.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Never has there been a genre of music that has made me rage more than dubstep. What the is this music? When I first listened to this track on youtube, I was all like, "oh, sick violin bro." But then... but then it started WUBBING and WHURPING, and BRRRRRTING and BUZZZING. And then I thought, "I do not like this dissonance."

Some notable comments on the youtube video:
"This dubstep is so filthy that when my mum walked in I had to switch it to porn"

"It sounds like Transformers having sex"

"Thumbs up if you piss on the side of the toilet in order to make less noise"


Now some of you may be thinking, does this type of music have any redeemable qualities? Let's take a look:
-Dubstep is good for keeping awake your neighbors, roommate, family, etc whom you hate. Why? This type of music grates at the soul. I feel dirty after listening to it, and not even a warm shower can wash away the feeling.
-Need to blow out some speakers? Turn up the volume and the "sick bass drops" will have you out hundreds of dollars in no time.
-Need an excuse to get fucked up? Pop in some dubstep. Let's be real here people. This music was made popular by a high school and college culture that glorifies "sensory overload." Imo there is nothing wrong with that, but it is specifically made for that purpose. I wonder how people can stand listening to it without being under the influence. The music is totally empty. Every dubstep song - with few exceptions - sound exactly the same. You disagree? Come again? I cant hear you over the WUB WUB WUBBING.

Dubstep is just a passing phase. It has no more substance than what its listeners ingest before dancing wildly to its sick drops. Just like all passing phases, this too will pass. Maybe then people will realize that they've wasted their time listening to empty, unfeeling noise. I am not saying that one should not listen to this type of music - that would be pretty elitist of me. I just want people to think about what they are listening to: music that is nothing without the help of accessory drugs and alcohol. Sorry guys, hate to break it to you, but dubstep sucks.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help is on the Way - Rise Against.

For all you punk fans out there, this one is for you. Rise Against has been a staple for the punk / alt rock community for the last 11 years, and if you have not heard of them yet, you best take a listen now. If you like Bad Religion, Black Flag, or Dead Kennedys, then Rise Against should be an easy listen as all of these bands heavily influenced their music style.

They have, as of late, become a lot more mainstream. It wasn't until last year that I began hearing their music on the local hard rock station in DC. My thoughts at the time: FINALLY! I am sure you have heard at least one or two of their songs, that is unless you live under a rock, are a hipster, or are an ignorant music snob. Their most recent album, Appeal to Reason (2008) has been their plane ticket to the mainstream, as they have had four or five hits off this album alone. Savior is probably their biggest hit out of them all, and it is still played in mass rotation to this day.

It must be said, however, that their older albums are what turned me on to them in the first place. The Sufferer & The Witness was the first album I could ever stand to listen to front to back, and I proceeded to do so for an entire summer. This was the album that truly made them famous, but not quite famous enough to break into the mainstream. If you like what you hear from the video above, then I actually suggest you listen to The Sufferer & The Witness before Appeal to Reason. That is just my opinion though. But hey, its a blog.

It also has to be said that these guys kill it live. I have seen A LOT of shows for a 19 year old. Santana twice, Derek Trucks, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Metallica, Deadmau5, Chevelle three times, Shinedown twice, the list goes on. I have never seen a more energized, true to sound, quality performance. It was one of the most fun concerts I have had the pleasure of attending.

Rise Against's new album "Endgame" is due for release on March 15th and I look forward to seeing what direction the band sees its music heading. Whether it is a return to underground or blasting headfirst down the path of the mainstream, I know for a fact that if all of the songs on the album sound as good as this, it will be their best album.
Oh, and I have tickets to their show in DC on April 26th. Score.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nightwish Unveils New Album and More

One of my favorite Finnish / Swedish bands (yes, I guess I have a thing for Scandinavian music), Nightwish, has announced their long anticipated followup album to their chart crushing album "Dark Passion Play." The title of their next production: Imaginarium. At the same time, the power metal group plans of producing a film bearing the same title as the album that features all of the songs contained therein. The film promises to be more of a fantasy based dreamworld type movie about a songwriter. I would expect nothing less from Nightwish. That being said, just because their musical talent surpasses most bands in their genre does not mean they will be spectacular movie writers.

My thoughts:
Cannot wait for the next album.
Will see movie but not expect it to be that good.

Nightwish is good if you like epic-style power metal (or at least their older stuff is). Their new singer Anette Olzon brings the music a more powerful pop-rock feel, while their older albums (anything before Dark Passion Play) have a more epic, fantastic feel with the classically trained Tarja Turunen. Don't get me wrong, Anette does not sound like a wannabe Kelly Clarkson, and Tarja does not sound like some 300 lb hag who sings in Carmina Burnana. Both singers have their strengths and their weaknesses, and I cannot wait to see what direction Nightwish takes their next album.

Take a listen for yourself:

Amaranth is their biggest hit by far and really does good to showcase their new singer's powerful voice as well as erase any doubts as to her being chosen to replace the band's old singer.
Yeah, 44 Million hits.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miley Cyrus!

"I'm having a little bit of a trip right now." - Miley Cyrus

Who could forget the infamous video circulating the internet of teen pop star Miley Cyrus taking bong hits of saliva? I sure didn't. This celebrity, looked up to by hundreds of thousands of little wannabe popstars and tween girls, embarassed herself at some trashy LA party by letting herself get recorded by someone she thought to be her "friend" while she used salvia (thanks to whoever corrected my spelling - bad spellcheck, wasnt paying attention) - a perfectly legal substance that makes you hallucinate and other crazy stuff.

She says she's sorry, but also tells Us Weekly that her parents approaching divorce has made life hard for her. That's great and all Miley, but I know plenty of people who are having family issues too. They don't automatically resort to using drugs or alcohol. When you are a celebrity, you cannot just think about yourself, sadly. You have an image to uphold, and when the people who look up to you are very impressionable children, products of today's media culture, it would behoove you to take a step back and say, "Woah, what will this do to my image?" Besides, at the end of the day, it's the parents of those kids who are buying your music for their loved ones. And if they find out that you are taking hits from a bong - even though it is legal - they will fear that it will give their kids the impression that doing this - especially for coping reasons - is perfectly right and normal.

Photo courtesy: google images
Origional Story read on rolling stone and Us magazine

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

September - Mikrofonkåt (studio version)

Sweden is the new pop-capital of the world. If you disagree, listen to Mikrofonkåt by September. I would have posted Robyn, but I figure most people have heard about her already. My girlfriend showed me this song last time I visited, and it got caught in my head for weeks. Yes, she is Swedish.

Sorry if you don't understand it. It's in Swedish.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ben Folds - Landed

I dedicate this post to one of my best friends who was dumped by his girlfriend and is still undergoing the long process of recovery and coping. Thankfully, he has found his outlet in music and is currently in the process of writing an album. Recently, I found out that he would be showcasing a lot of his written work and a few covers at a coffee shop outside of The College of William and Mary where he has the pleasure of attending.

The reason for the dedication is not without reason. Ben Folds says that "[Landed is] about a close friend of mine who's recovering from being under the influence of a crazy girlfriend. I had this mental image of him flying back to reality, landing at the airport and needing a ride back to the life he left behind." My friend was also the one who introduced me to this great musician.

The song is great, and despite his quirks and (strange) antics, Ben Folds is one of my favorite current artists. Rock on dudes.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christina Aguilera Sings National Anthem Messed Up Lyrics Super Bowl 45 ...

I can't say that the Black Eyed Peas were any better. That being said, how do you forget the words to the National Anthem? Maybe Christina Aguilera is a Russian spy...

Auto-Tune the News #5: lettuce regulation. American blessings.

I don't know if anyone here is into politics. Personally, I dont really care for all of that messy buisness. That being said, after quickly figuring out how to link youtube videos to my blog, I want to share one of my fave youtube music groups. Famous for their hits, "Double Rainbow Song," and "Bed Intruder Song," the Gregory Brothers also produce the "Auto-tune the News" series - a comic remixing and autotuning of big news stories over the course of a day. I will be posting more of these eventually.

Mad props to the Gregory Brothers for making this sick autotune remix and the series as a whole. Bam.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Really loving the new Lonely Island Music Video. Can't wait for the next album!